Promoting and implementing solutions to protect the marine ecosystem…

“The Lamu Archipelago with its labyrinth of mangrove channels and forests is one of the most critical marine habitats within the Eastern Seaboard of Africa”


Human activities including unsustainable and harmful fishing practices, mangrove harvesting and destruction of nesting and foraging habitats is seriously threatening the marine ecology of the Lamu district.

Through a holistic approach we are establishing a representative network to promote and implement solutions to protect the marine ecosystem and use marine resources sustainably, whilst working to conserve valuable coral reefs, sea grass and extensive mangrove forests which provide refuge for many aquatic species and migratory seabirds.

Latest Marine Blog Posts

Wildlife in Lamu struggle following drought

Across Lamu wild animals are suffering following the drought which has hit the region hard. The lack of available water has led to a surge in human-wildlife conflict as large mammals, including elephants and buffalo, are moving into residential areas in a desperate search for water.

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Visit from Kenya Wildlife Service

We were pleased to welcome along the new KWS Director General Mr Kitili Mbathi to Amu Ranch recently to learn more about our conservation efforts in Lamu.

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Lamu Cultural Festival 2015

Every year, thousands travel to Lamu Old Town for the annual cultural festival to celebrate the rich Swahilli culture of the Lamu Archipelago.

As ever, our team were on hand to answer any questions about the Lamu Conservation Trust and how we are conserving indigenous cultures, wildlife and marine ecologies.

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An update from Amu Ranch

With the recent success of receiving the management rights from the Kenya Forest Service to protect the Witu Forest Reserve which lies within the greater Lamu conservation area adjoining Amu Ranch, the DSWT in partnership with the LCT is proud to be part of a greater community movement to protect and preserve the natural integrity of Lamu County…

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