Oral History

Recording the oral history of the Lamu region is of utmost importance. The languages, traditions, skills, stories and memories of Lamu’s cultures must be recorded before such history is lost forever.

The LCT is in the preliminary stages of compiling an in-depth and complete written and photographic collection of the Lamu area’s oral history. This will be achieved by interviewing the few remaining Lamu elders where such knowledge is still retained.

Latest Culture Blog Posts

Lamu's Cultural Festival - best yet!

The Lamu Cultural Festival is an annual event which exists to showcase Lamu’s rich culture and heritage. The event has captivated the world for centuries and we were delighted to see such a fantastic turn out this year. Over 100,000 visitors, both local and international, attended the popular festival which was held in Lamu Old Town, a World Heritage Site.

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Hippopotamus pod search for water in drying waterhole

Our teams recently spotted 40 hippos in search for water in a drying waterhole near the Witu livestock camp. Over time we have seen this once lush area struggle in the face of severe drought, human encroachment and overgrazing.

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Hippopotamus pod spotted on the Mkumbi River

Often targeted by poachers for their meat and teeth, hippopotamus numbers have fallen drastically in recent years across Africa.

However, whilst out on patrol the Anti-Poaching rangers came across a healthy looking hippo pod which is an encouraging sign and further reason to protect their threatened habitat.

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Thousands of seedlings planted

Our team have been working hard to expand the tree nursery at Amu Ranch.

In an effort to safeguard the 63,000 acres of land, which is bigger than several of Kenya’s National Parks, over 10,000 seedlings have now been planted ahead of the wet season in May.

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